Centralized extraction offers a practical solution to managing scattered machines in different areas of a facility. They're more advantageous than multiple vacuums, reducing cleaning times, labor, and maintenance costs while increasing cleanliness. With one larger vacuum taking up a smaller footprint, materials are collected in a single waste container, eliminating the need to clean individual vacuum cleaners.

RGS designs and produces centralized industrial vacuums using precise formulas that are tailored to operational conditions and user expectations. These systems can handle up to 5 simultaneous operations, meaning that up to 5 operators can use their vacuum stations at the same time, depending on the collected material, number of bends, and distance the system needs to cover.

RGS centralized systems are present in almost all industrial sectors, including engineering, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and textiles. The company has a high level of experience in the field of centralized vacuum systems and can comply with almost any request. Additionally, for critical operations with hazardous conditions, RGS offers ATEX-certified systems to guarantee a high level of safety.


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