Pneumatic Conveyors

The demand for transporting granular or powdered materials across various stages of industrial applications is on the rise. RGS has been developing innovative pneumatic conveying systems for over 20 years that cater to all industrial environments requiring automatic transfer of materials. Pneumatic conveyor systems transport solid substances in granular or powder form through a network of piping. Generally, circular piping is preferred due to its high flow and efficiency, as well as reduced friction.

The fundamental distinction between various methods of pneumatic conveying systems involves the way materials are transported: either by means of air current under depression (in suction) or under pressure (in thrust). The primary purpose of a pneumatic conveyor system is to transport materials conveniently from one or multiple points to a final destination or the next stage of the production process. These methods are commonly used in processes such as concentration, blending, granulation, transformation, and packaging.

HOW DO PNEUMATIC CONVEYORS WORK? Pneumatic conveying systems utilize a network of closed pipelines to transfer materials to different locations within industrial settings. The system operates by using a combination of depression and airflow or gas to move materials through the pipes. In some cases, nitrogen or other inert gases are used to transport potentially explosive or oxidizable materials.

SMALLER FOOTPRINT RGS pneumatic conveying systems offer several advantages over traditional mechanical conveying methods. One such advantage is a reduced footprint, meaning that the space required to install RGS systems is less compared to traditional systems. This increased installation flexibility also reduces the encumbrance in the work area.

DUST FREE Another advantage of RGS pneumatic conveying systems is their dust-free operation. Closed-circuit systems prevent excessive dust emissions and the use of ATEX-certified equipment ensures that the systems are safe for operation.

FOOD GRADE RGS transfer systems and pneumatic conveyors are also popular in the food industry due to their ability to meet the high standards of quality control required by the FDA. RGS has a wealth of experience in this sector and can produce a range of systems and conveyors with standard or customized solutions that comply with food regulations.

THINK SAFE, WORK SAFE, WORK EASY Finally, RGS conveyors are designed with safety and ease of use in mind. They feature unique characteristics that simplify operation, installation, and maintenance procedures. For instance, internal filters can be easily and quickly accessed for inspection or replacement, reducing routine maintenance downtime.

Pneumatic Conveyors

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