RGS offers suction units with a side channel turbine that is enclosed in a fairing painted in RAL7001 grey or made of AISI304 stainless steel, both of which are soundproofed. These suction units are equipped with various features including an anti-vibration system, an outlet silencer, a vacuum meter, a relief valve, and a suction connection.

There are two versions of these suction units available: a high flow version (K) suitable for systems with small distances and suction of light products with a specific weight of less than 1KG/Liter, and a high vacuum version suitable for large extension and suction plants of heavy products, generally with a specific weight higher than 1KG/Liter. Electrical panels with soft start or inverter are available for controlling and starting the suction units.:

7,5 KW in high vacuum and high flow version
11 KW high vacuum version
8,5 KW in high capacity version
12,5 KW in high capacity version
2×7,5 KW with double pump in high flow version
20 KW in high vacuum and high flow version
25 KW in high capacity version

request price

    • Power10-33HP
    • SurfaceTBD in²
    • CapacityTBD