All centralized suction plants produced and designed by RGS are carefully dimensioned and built using precise mathematical and physical formulas. This ensures that the central intake system is sized exactly according to the required simultaneity of work that may occur. For example, in a centralized system with 5 inputs, the system must be able to handle from 1 to 5 simultaneous work demands, depending on the material being aspirated, the number of curves and the distance to be covered by the centralized system.

RGS has extensive experience in the field of central suction plants and is capable of meeting almost any request. Our centralized plants are present in almost all industrial sectors, including food, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, metalworking, textiles, and many others. With our expertise, we can design and build a centralized suction system that meets the unique needs of each client and industry.

Centralized suction systems are a cost-effective solution for maintaining and cleaning plants and working environments. With a single operator, it is possible to easily clean large spaces on different floors without any risk or loss of time, as only one container needs to be emptied.

In addition to the savings in resources for maintenance and cleaning, there are also significant savings in maintenance costs. With only one container and one suction group to clean and maintain, there is no longer a need for multiple vacuum cleaners. Complete with Filters made from polyester or stainless steel AISI316. Automatic filter cleaning systems.

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