The three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners of the ECO series are the ideal solution for cleaning and suctioning dust, liquids and residues in industrial workplaces where a powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner is needed, practical and at the same time economical.

Robustly built and powerful, they are equipped with 7.5 kW multi-voltage motors for use in the toughest working environments.
100 litre, Ø460 easily removable collection container and large surface star filter.

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    • Safe: motors certified for ATEX zones. IP65 certified electrical panels. Fully equipotential machines to guarantee the earthing of antistatic currents. Tank in 304 stainless steel to prevent impact triggers, blower operating temperatures below the regulatory thresholds.
    • Single-phase and three-phase versions: to adapt to any environment in which the machines will have to operate.
    • Efficient: specific filtering systems depending on the application required.
    • Safe: the external filter shaker allows the filter to be cleaned without the operator coming into contact with the suctioned dust.
    • Convenient: the dust recovery tank can be detached from the rest of the machine, making it easy and quick to empty.